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Welcome to the homepage of the iCONic Project - a globally important mission to protect some of the world's most threatened trees from extinction.  iCONic has been established to help save some of the world's most threatened conifers by collecting seeds and creating safe-havens for young trees in the forests, gardens and estates of Perthshire, Big Tree Country.

Over a third of the world's conifers are threatened with extinction in the wild.  Conifers are an extremely important group of plants, many species provide human-kind with essential materials including timber and medicines, and vast conifer forests act as huge carbon sinks.

Unless we act now to save them, many species are in very real danger of being lost forever.  iCONic needs your help to save these trees and to ensure that future generations will enjoy the benefits of this remarkable part of the world's biodiversity.


Learn About iCONic

iCONic is an ambitious conservation project and one which is unique in its approach - there's no better way to learn about it than from the collective of experts who are involved in the project.

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Perth Racecourse

Perth Racecourse

Perth Racecourse have facilitated awareness-raising and fundraising through the 2014 season

Did you know?

The enormous bole of the giant redwood at Cluny House Gardens.

Champion Trees

Over 50 conifers growing in Perthshire are the largest example of their kind in the UK and Ireland.

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